A Brazilian bikini wax applied to a man. Also: boyzilian, boy-zilian.
Example Citations:
The deluded women who bought Boyzilians as gifts for their boyfriends need a reality check. Yeah sure, Boyzilians are great, really appropriate... if he cheated on you.
(In case you don't know, the Boyzilian is the male version of the Brazilian wax — you remove the hair 'down there'. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.)
—Teo Cheng Wee, "Hair, there and nowhere," The Straits Times, February 12, 2007
Spring, and a young man's thoughts turn to . . . chest hair.
Also, that of the back, the belly, the shoulder and maybe regions farther south. It turns out that there is a hair-removal waxing procedure called the "Boy-zilian," the male equivalent of the Brazilian bikini wax, for which you would have to put your ankle behind your head in order to do it yourself, and we never want to think about that again.
—Neely Tucker, "Not Wild About Hairy," The Washington Post, May 12, 2007
Earliest Citation:
Each month we get thousands of pitch letters from publicists hoping to get their products into the mag. Some are so MF bad, it's maddening.
Take for example the "Boyzilian." We knew you'd be just as horrified as we were at the notion of a man-spa that states "pubic pampering should be an equal-opportunity experience."
We understand that the idea of waxing men's muffs into the same landing strip we've come to enjoy on women, or mowing it back to pre-pubescent levels, is a frightening one. Sure, turning the term "Brazilian" into "Boyzilian" is clever, but it's also gross. And we felt the publicist's claim that "It was about time someone realized there are men who want to wear sexy lowrider jeans and not look like furry cavemen in their nether regions" is wretch-worthy.
—"Bad PR pitch," Men's Fitness, December 1, 2003
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